Butterfly, Camouflage and Berlin


It’s been a little quiet on ARTATTRACTS the last days – lots to do for uni right now. Last semester means even more work, especially planning and organising stories and photoshoots for our graduation-magazine. But I will tell you more about this another day. 1st May was a public holiday – all in all it was relaxing. Besides doing some research for work, I spent the day with friends and family outside having a yummy BBQ. On our way we found that great location with the ‚Berlin-Container‘. The butterfly-necklace is something I found during springcleaning my apartment. It’s pretty old but I like the glowing turquoise colour of it. Btw to do a springclean is the absolute best – it unchains you from the last bits of winterblues that may have remained and it makes room for new things. I sold the old stuff during a fleamarket on the weekend. From the money earned I can now buy new things again – circle of life.

Not forget to mention: The winner of the Zalando-Giveaway is Ingrid from Germany. She has participated on WordPress. Congrats and have fun with the voucher!

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– Jacket: Urban Outfitters. Dress: Basic House. Boots: Topshop. Top: H&M. Necklace: Accessorize. Sunnies: H&M –



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